Pickyto – Express Food Ordering Solutions

Pickyto Kiosks in Shopping Malls

Food ordering experience at Food Courts in Shopping Malls, Airports, Tech Parks, Food Trucks and City Centers are still grossly in-efficient. It feels like a fish-market with long queues, excessive crowds of “Hungry and Angry” (Hangry) customers jamming near the billing counter is a common sight at these QSR outlets

Pickyto enables customers to order in less than 60 seconds. No More Qs, No More waving hands for waiter’s attention, No More payment hassles & No More boundaries!

Pickyto has two key product offerings to facilitate express ordering for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) of all size, shape and complexity.

Pickyto Kiosks: Our Kiosks enable superfast, express ordering experience to customers. The self-ordering, touch screen kiosks provide customers the convenience and simplicity they surely deserve. Self-service Kiosks ordering is the future available now with Pickyto.  

Pickyto App: The integrated Pickyto mobile app empowers the restaurants to reach their customers any place, any time. With Pickyto mobile app, restaurants can now offer on-premise delivery options as appropriate – such as in tech parks, college canteens, shopping malls etc. The Pickyto App also offers a unique platform to retarget and engage with their loyal, repeat customers in ways that were never possible before

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