In His Own Words …


I am currently working as an Internee here for the summer break as I am pursuing my Master’s in Telecommunications with specialization in networks and security at University of Maryland. To learn about the roles of a solution architect, I believe this intern is the right platform for me to explore, get thorough knowledge and also real time experience on integration of software, cloud servers, various systems available and their interactions between each other. I need to possess an overall knowledge of the entire application that the we are building and understand the requirements to provide a possible solution to fulfill them. As an extrovert (ENFJ) who loves to learn about other people and their lives, I think that I have gelled in this start-up work culture with ease. 

I am a quickly adaptable, highly self motivated, enthusiastic and pragmatic thinking person. I always go for that extra mile to accomplish things with perfection. Punctuality and planning my work schedule precisely are some of the good qualities for which I often get appreciated by my peers. l was working at Accenture Technology Solutions as a SAP ABAP Associate software developer for 16 months post my undergrad where I was working on various SAP ABAP Objects and scenario creations. Though I have varied interests, I believe that my passion about Computer Networks and Security is much more than random bursts of motivation which made me lean towards pursuing a Master’s degree which I hope will prove to be springboard for a successful career in the future.



…And About Him From Team …


“Very friendly and a jolly person. At last a partner who is Vijay’s fan”


“America Return Maapillai. Typical foreign return Chennai guy, who’s into football, hollywood, TV
series and bikes. Never does something half certain. Thorough and as straight as a Arrow.”


“A person who loves the extremes, thalapathi movies and Breaking Bad.. (we do know which is the best
and the worst) 😛 



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